You can count on us to help you meet your milestones that require heavy or oversized cargo to be moved on a route that seems impossible to you. We provide you with safety, engineering, and expertise. The world of project logistics is filled with complexity and risk-filled with challenges. Usually, we speak about projects that are on the more challenging end of the spectrum. Therefore, project logistics require the utmost care and precision in their execution and processing.

When it comes to these extremely costly large-scale projects, getting everything on time and safely to where it needs to be is paramount. So DGL specializes in ensuring that everything gets there on time. DGL offers customised services and consolidated solutions in every aspect of the project, from planning through execution and ending with the completion of the project. As a logistics company, we have extensive experience and expertise of logistics services in across all industrial sectors, such as automobiles, petrochemicals, oil and gas, eCommerce, medicine, and transportation.

With the best service and a well-trained team, we can assist you with your task. Especially heavy cargoes and specially handled cargoes are handled by our team of experts. With DGL, we are able to handle cargoes in an efficient, effective manner, so the entire process is less strenuous. The delivery of consignments to anywhere in the world is assured at a reasonable price and timely. Every sized project is handled efficiently and effectively due to our immense facilities and expertise. Service is provided on-site and in-house in an unobtrusive manner.

DGL project logistics solutions include:

  • Analyzing route risks and performing route surveys

  • Chartering vessels and aircraft

  • The planning and consultation of projects

  • Selection of routes

  • Haulage

  • Packing designs that are unique

  • Procurement and outsourcing services

  • Erection and dismantling of machinery

  • Project forwarding on an expansive scale: moving factories, heavy machinery, or equipment.

  • Quicker customs clearance

  • Manage warehousing, storing products, and delivering them

  • Coordination of multi-model freight services

  • Overseas handling

  • Rigging

DGL can promise to make the toughest part of your project easier. We have one of the best project logistics teams in the country at your service.