Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. The goal of our company is to offer customers affordable and less stressful services. At DGL, as one of the integrated logistics companies, we work on integrating each step, from planning to controlling. In other words, in addition to handling everything related to traditional logistics, also connects with the departments of production, marketing, and the rest of the company’s departments. Therefore, we are now even more concerned with optimizing production costs and enhancing quality.

Because of our extensive experience in management of logistics, our team has specialized methods for meeting customer needs and customizing services for each project. The team of DGL professionals is made up of the most passionate and enthusiastic professionals, ready to deliver top-notch services anywhere and everywhere. With all the factors in mind, they craft the most efficient and effective way to make it. The supply chain is served more efficiently by using advanced technology and upgraded methods. The entire planning and execution process is handled in one place.

We offer the most efficient transport of consignments, whether it be air freight, land freight, or sea freight, as DGL is the best logistics company in the country. With DGL, you are assured that your custom clearance will be quick and prompt; thanks to our reliable global network and well-regarded connection with customs departments.

With integrated logistics DGL offer:

  • Manufacturing function that includes planning production, optimizing material supply flows, organizing storage areas, and handling materials

  • It includes the proper definition of services, packaging design, and marketing campaigns design

  • The supply function involves selecting and controlling suppliers and planning purchases

  • Fast customs clearance through compliance with regulations

  • Transport and logistics that are flexible

  • Financial services

  • Services procurement

  • Customer service and value-added services

At DGL, we extend the best service in the country as well as our assistance across the globe. Regardless of the logistics operations involved, we promise that they will be handled with the utmost care and speed to ensure the success of your project. For any time, you need, we provide you with our entire dedicated team of professionals.