Global industrial production is at an all-time high. For projects to succeed, industrial logistics are crucial. There is a high level of innovation in the Industrial sector today, which calls for an integration of logistics and supply chain management. We at DGL take the confusion out of managing your business operations and logistics. To run your business smoothly, DGL has the perfect solution for your shipping and logistics needs.

Utilizing technology, manpower, and a multimodal transport system, DGL ensures that consignments of any size are picked up, distributed, and delivered on time, at any time and anywhere. The full spectrum of heavy industrial equipment requiring sophisticated handling and shipping systems, to the smallest components needing safe delivery, DGL is fully capable of meeting their needs.

According to the size and scope of the project, we are capable of handling large or small projects. With continuous supply chain operation, we guarantee the success of your business. In addition to offering flexible solutions, our team has experience working with all kinds of industries. With all our logistics services, we guarantee safe warehousing and logistics. Team members in our company have extensive knowledge of global market trends and are always ready to give a comprehensive expert solution to fit the industry sector’s requirement.

Our complete industrial logistical services include:

  • Efficacious solutions at an affordable price

  • Storage of all cargoes in a safe environment

  • A reliable and efficient way to distribute cargoes including heavy equipment, fragile items, and components

  • Complex machine installation and dismantling

  • Multimodal transportation

  • Packages that can be reused and are customized

  • Controlling inventory accurately

  • Cycle times with scheduled and sequenced deliveries to the assembly line

  • Premium rigged services

  • Services for industrial crating and lashing

  • A cross-docking system designed to consolidate and quickly move goods from a variety of sources to a variety of destinations

  • All aspects of customs management and optimization

  • Storage and onsite logistics with relevant costs

  • Services related to procurement and outsourcing

  • State of the art technology

  • Optimised distribution across multiple modes

  • Safety records, insurance, and claim procedures

  • Quality controls throughout the supply chain

  • Deliveries of finished products

  • International freight forwarding