Trailers are vital to the efficient delivery of flexible solutions by an integrated logistics service provider. All kinds of business have their own specifications and demands for DGL’s freight logistics. By using our individualized approach, we are able to meet all your freight requirements.

We can assist you with your project by providing the best service and a well-trained team. Especially heavy cargoes or cargoes requiring special handling are handled by our experts. With DGL logistics services, we can handle cargos efficiently and effectively, which makes the whole process more efficient. Our global shipping service ensures timely delivery of consignments at a fair price anywhere in the world. Thanks to our extensive facilities and expertise, we are able to handle any size project efficiently and effectively. We provide our services on-site and inside our facility without being intrusive.

From our wide selection of trailers, you can select one that suits your needs, or you can get expert advice on which truck to choose. The distribution of your goods is safe and secure with our own fleet of transportation modules. Depending on the goods of the end customer, truck and freight systems are customized.

A DGL vehicle can be customized to suit the needs of a particular work process or an important occasion by using reliable transport services the company has established relationships with reliable transport suppliers. We make sure your shipments are transported safely at DGL. You can track your shipment and monitor its progress at every stage of transit through our GPS tracking system.

We provide the following services

  • Transportation that is secure

  • Personalized services

  • Online tracking systems

  • Easy clearance of customs

  • Planned procurement

  • Relationships with suppliers

  • International networking

  • Modules for multimodal transportation

  • Monitoring that is flexible

  • Enhanced facilitation

Using our well-established and experienced fleet, we can ensure your supply chain is as transparent as possible, we can make sure compliance issues are properly handled, and we can guarantee on-time and reliable deliveries. DGL offers comprehensive logistics, as well as all related services, as a well-known logistics forwarder in the country. We guarantee to provide the best service as the best professional dedicated team around the world.