We depend on energy as a business, a community and as a family. Regardless of how harsh your environment is or how remote your location is, we ensure you get innovative, reliable and tailored energy transportation logistics solutions.

It is not an easy task moving bulk loads of energy & petrochemicals since it requires specialized equipment in order to be successful. The DGL team understands that very well and is dedicated to helping you reach new heights with our logistics of air and gas.

Oil and gas logistics companies involved in transportation of energy and petrochemical products have to pay close attention to the details. Transporting Petroleum products, crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and chemicals is difficult. There is a risk of explosion when transporting these products due to their extreme volatility.

We have the information and experience to make the transportation successful, so you don’t have to worry about it happening. If you have everything in order, it is not the hardest thing to do, and our employees at DGL, know how to accomplish that.

Services related to energy logistics include:

  • Execution, monitoring, and planning

  • Intermodal freight services, air freight or sea freight

  • Heavy-lift engineers with specialized training

  • Oversized transportation

  • Installations that are out of gauge

  • Rig moves

  • Among the services we provide: marine and cargo charters, port agencies, and husbandry

  • Our emergency services are available around the clock everyday

  • Regulatory compliance expertise

  • Assistance with contract bids

We DGL, as a logistics company understand your market and can help you grow your business by utilizing our integrated supply chain network of resources, facilities, assets and infrastructure located strategically in the most important oil and gas locations around the world. Our team designs custom end-to-end solutions to ensure proper planning, engineering, procurement, construction, management, and resupply of projects. With our inventory management services, we can ensure your supply chain is fully transparent, we can partner with you on compliance issues, and we can ensure reliable and on-time deliveries.

As a well-known forwarder in the country, DGL is capable of providing a comprehensive energy and petrochemical logistics and all the relative services. As the best professional dedicated team everywhere, we guarantee to provide the best services.