DGL handles the complex task of organizing and moving your shipments through Customs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our brokers are available to provide advice to ensure that the correct duty is paid and that all other statutory requirements are complied with, whether Air Freight or Sea Freight, in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, whether shipments are food items, mechanical equipment, personal effects, or commercial merchandise, our experienced staff ensures that shipments are custom cleared accurately and swiftly.

Customs clearance is a complex process and it is vital to make accurate declarations. At DGL, we are very familiar with customs processes and we are electronically linked to the customs departments. We can cut through the red-tape, complete documentation quickly and correctly and get your shipments custom cleared fast, keeping your goods ‘on the move’.

Our international network allows us to be up-to-date with the current Customs issues and legislations, latest customs requirements and procedures in various countries.

Our Service Highlights

  • Express document clearance service

  • Call us and we will collect the documents from your office

  • Our representatives are available in the port during all times

Please call us on +971 2 6902929 ( Abu Dhabi ) or +971 4 3965626 (Dubai) for any further information and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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