Logistics services are handled differently by every business. Various companies use specialized contract logistics firms to manage their logistics. Many companies find that it is more efficient to manage their logistics themselves. In any case, we at DGL are ready to help you. To effectively manage the logistics of a wide variety of companies, contract logistics companies need to gain an understanding of the way different industries function.

In contrast to warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution, contract integrated logistics encompasses much more. Outsourcing refers to the process of handling logistics resource management by a third-party company such as us. In order to ensure the smooth running of your company’s supply chain, we plan it from beginning to end. As part of the process, the company designs and establishes warehouse structures, builds infrastructure, arranges for transportation and distribution of goods, coordinates inventory, processes orders, and collects payments.

Choosing a Contract integrated logistics offer you:

  • Improved infrastructure – Well established and upgraded infrastructure

  • Detailed documentation – dedicated team on complex documentation

  • Capabilities in information technology – Well setup Systems and resources

  • Better cost optimization – saves great time and cost

  • A greater degree of flexibility – Easily adjustable to demand and supply fluctuations

  • Enhanced efficiency – Specialization in logistics makes it time saving

  • Value-added services – labelling, assembling, packing, stock keeping reports

A contract integrated logistics company is capable of handling multiple logistics operations such as network analysis, route optimization, warehousing, adhering to regulatory requirements, as well as many others across several industries. Logistics management is an essential element of establishing a sustainable competitive advantage for international businesses. It is an important component of many companies’ profitability and overall success.

Our services include:

  • Warehouse safety, cost-effectiveness, and customization

  • Choosing the most feasible mode of transportation

  • Organizing the various steps that must be performed in the supply chain management process

  • Timely distribution of shipments

  • Priority freight services are available

  • A quick clearance of customs

  • Providing packaging, labelling, and branding as value added services

  • Management of inventory

  • Payments and sales management

As a well-known forwarder in the country, DGL is capable of providing a comprehensive freight logistics service as well as freight shipping services. As the best team in the UAE, our team guarantees to provide the best services.