In the consumer goods supply chain, DGL understands the importance of responsive logistics. Because of this, we provide timely and cost-effective consumer good logistics solutions to enable consumer goods to be transported from manufacturing to retail while saving your business time and money.
The industry requires reliable and cost-effective consumer good logistics services for the transportation of raw materials. This is what DGL can offer. Thus, we deliver your cargo in perfect condition and on time to the manufacturing and processing facilities.

With the ability to cater to the needs of customers regardless of market conditions, DGL provides timely and economical logistics solutions to the consumer goods industry. To provide this service, we have built an infrastructure and developed relationships with major retailers and distribution centers to schedule appointments. Through our services, you are able to achieve efficiencies in your supply chain for consumer goods while reducing costs.

Manufacturing and processing rely heavily on the timely delivery of raw materials, since delays or halts in production can lead to supply-chain delays and operations that are derailed. We facilitate transport logistics for consumer goods manufacturers at DGL by working directly with them.

To keep the supply chain moving smoothly, packaging materials must be delivered on time. Our delivery to manufacturing facilities and extensive network of licensed and experienced carriers ensure you’ll get your cargo on time when you work with DGL.

In addition to our vast network of reliable and insured carriers, DGL can efficiently manage and distribute your inventory, regardless of whether you use a third-party warehouse or your own distribution center.

When it comes to distribution of consumer goods to retail, DGL has forged relationships with big-box stores and retailers in order to coordinate logistics and schedule appointments. Further, we have carriers that can deliver large volumes of cargo in a timely manner.

Among the services DGL provides are:

  • Market demand analysis in detail

  • Quality control of the goods

  • Ensuring a viable trade route

  • Deliveries via air, sea, and land across the globe

  • Maintaining safety standards for goods

  • Maintaining a continuous flow of goods

  • Customized and safe warehousing

  • After sale support and services

We take pride in providing custom solutions for our client partners in the consumer goods sector as a leading advocate of operational efficiencies.